We got a letter this week from a reader who has sought her own way to recover from the recent election. She is working with children, and she sees that some children are being prepared for life, while others are not. This is what she has to say:

Now that the election is over and we are all moving on, I told the bishop I’m ready to go back to teaching Primary so I can have an influence on the rising Kingdom of God. I want to focus on building up the Kingdom or teaching the future leaders.

My thought is that while leaders of nations are taking bribes and taking mistresses and generally rotting into chaos, the Kingdom of God is moving forward. We are working on training our young people, increasing in our righteousness or really trying to overcome our sins and shortcomings. I am increasing in understanding of what it means to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord sifting through to find His sheep, hastening the work, “setting up the chairs,” so to speak.

I substitute teach for two school districts in our county, and I see the wide variety of degrees of preparedness in children. Some haven’t even held a pencil when they start school, and some are reading or quite ready to learn to read. I see natural leaders, future talk show hosts, and some with all the wrong attitudes.

A thought that has been on my mind is the benefits to children being raised in the Church, besides the saving ordinances. For example, the opportunities to speak publicly from age three or so and how that is such a useful skill in life. What else can people think of?

Leah in Washington

If I’m reading Leah’s question correctly, I see two questions here. First, what advantages do children have when they grow up with a background in the Church? Second, what are you as parents doing to prepare your children to grow up in a chaotic world?

If you have any thoughts, please send them to [email protected]. DO NOT USE THE FORM ON THIS PAGE, OR YOUR EMAIL IS LIKELY TO GET LOST. Click on the above link and write a regular email to the address. Put something in your subject line to let me know your letter isn’t spam.

Your letter can help other parents in the sometimes-daunting task of raising their children. Please send your comments today.

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“Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them.”

P.J. O’Rourke


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