I thought the day would be all “Little House” snug and log-cabin-cozy. I assumed we’d sing songs by the hearth and organize puzzles by candle light. But the fact is, when there is a snow storm howling outside, your hubby is away, and the power is out all day, it’s just plain cold.

Oh sure, I thought about hauling out the 35 pound dutch oven in order to have a hot lunch. I considered wielding the axe to split up wood for a fire. I was this close to busting out the kerosene heater from its hiding place in storage but I was sure I’d set the house on fire if I tried.

Alas, I was too shivery, too tired, and placed too much faith in the power company that they would have the problem fixed any minute now, so why bother with all the camping equipment?

Maybe it’s too much to ask, but I really, really, really hope that if there is ever another huge, natural disaster, can it happen in June? My heart has new found sympathy for those still without power in the northeast.

The truth is, I am a really good sport when I’m warm. I can hunker down, work from dawn until dusk and keep the troops in a good mood when the sun is shining. If I can sleep without shivering, the days seem short. Oh, to be warm! (And why did I have to wash my hair first thing in the morning? The hair blow dryer was useless to me!)

I’ll admit, I thought long and hard about driving to a nearby city with power and crashing at their movie theater all day until my power company got things well in hand. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to create a better memory than that with my children.

I don’t know if “Hey, remember that time when we hung out at the movie theater all day?” will go down in the books as a classic holiday tale. Plus, taking an 18 month old to more than one movie vs. spending the day in a chilly house? For those of you with an 18 month old, I’m sure you would’ve made the same call as me. (The last time I took a toddler to a movie, I had to spend the entire day in a large Fresca soaked blouse.)

So we ended up cooking a can of baked beans over a couple of candles and turning on the gas fireplace (for what it lacks in heat produced it makes up for in ambiance.) We found if we huddled up real close to it, we could play a board game in relative comfort. We told stories and made up a few songs. But wouldn’t you know it, our piano is electric.

Then we did the craziest thing of all. We embraced the cold and went sledding. Not knowing if we’d come home to a warm house or not, we rolled the dice and slung on the snow bibs. With gusto we plunged down the neighborhood’s steep slope, letting the icy shavings sting our smiling cheeks.

Finally, when the sun was setting and our gloves were soggy, we marched home. And what do you know? The power was on!

It’s ironic that our subsequent evening took a very log-cabin-cozy turn once we could finally heat up some hot cider in our microwave and snuggle up to a Christmas movie on our television.

How times have changed.


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