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Sobbing Sunbeam

It was the first time my little girl attended her new Star A class in Primary. In the car traveling home, she started sobbing. “What’s wrong, Heidi?” we asked. She replied: “Mommy, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam and they’re changing me into a Star A!”

Susan Wheatley-Cormack

Lewiston, Idaho


Special Phone Call

I have three granddaughters.  One day they came with their dad for a visit and we decided to call my mom, their great grandma.  The little girls had been to see her a few days before. I didn’t realize how old she must have looked to them until one of the little girls got on the phone to speak to her.  She said: “Hi Great Grandma-are you in heaven?” 

Yesterday in sacrament meeting we sang The Spirit of God.  This morning I overheard my 5-year-old daughter singing: “We’ll sing and we’ll shout with the armies of Helaman….”

Penny Belt
Ridgecrest, California


Memorable Visitor

Many years ago, when I was a boy, my family lived in Kansas City, Missouri.  Frequently, when there was a visitor from Church Headquarters who would come out on Church business, he or she would stay with a local member who had adequate accommodations.  We lived in a large home with a guest bedroom, so sometimes they stayed with us.  Once a member of the Primary General Board came to Kansas City and stayed in our home.  My mother was very concerned that my six brothers and sisters and I behave ourselves.  She held some etiquette sessions with us, had us clean the house from top to bottom, and threatened us with certain and immediate death if we fought or broke any rules.  


All went well until the Board member’s last night with us.  We had just had family prayers with her.  She was talking about how things worked at LDS Church Headquarters, and asked, “Does anyone have any questions?”  My little brother, James, who was about 5, said, “Yes, I have a question.  Do you have any holes in your underpants?”  The Board member looked shocked and my mother nearly passed away that moment.  The stunned Board member stuttered, “No, I don’t think so.”  James retorted, “Then how do you get your legs in?”  It turned out that was the only joke that James knew.  Mother never recovered.

David Barker


Counting on Trouble

My daughter-in-law recently had to get stern with my 4-year old grandson. “McCann!” she said in a warning voice, “One, two….” To which McCann replied in rapid fire fashion: “Three, four, nine. You’re in trouble, Mom!”

Irwin Purcell

Provo, Utah


Book of Mormon Adventures

Our daughter, Staci, was about 3 years old when she burst out of her room with two dolls, one black and the other white. She held up the black doll and told us that it was a Lamanite doll; then she held up the white doll and toll us that it was a “Lama – day” doll!

Ken Carriere

Prestonsburg, Kentucky


Feeling Old

During the Saturday night session of stake conference, Elder Wickman commented that his son is now middle-aged, which makes him feel old. My friend Susie, who is 93, leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I guess I should start feeling old; my daughter just turned 70!” We both had a hard time holding in our giggles after that!

Terri Troutman

Crownsville, Maryland


Trish Manwaring is an assistant editor of Meridian Magazine.