By Article Six Blog, John Schroeder

As the desperation sets in on the Obama campaign and their supporters, things are, as expected, getting ugly out there.  The anti-Mormon stuff that has always been on the fringes is getting louder, uglier and pushier.  And for the first time we see some major outlet breakthrough.  But before we get to that episode, there is one vitally important thing we have to examine.

An English language Iranian news service “reports” that it was the “Mormon Mafia” inside the CIA, at Romney’s instructions, that are “responsible” for the Benghazi attacks.  We have seen references to a “Mormon Mafia” in and out of the intelligence community before – from the very left American press.  With the appearance of this piece, this meme is much more than simply the crap that floats around in presidential campaigns – it is now a disinformation and propaganda tool of our enemies.  There are two important consequences of this story and their use of the “Mormon Mafia” meme.

The first consequence is that it makes clear that Barack Obama is the candidate of choice for our enemies in Iran.  The people that are about to complete a nuke and that have threatened its use on numerous occasions want Barack Obama as president of the United States.  If that does not make the case for the international weakness of this administration, I don’t know what does.

The second consequence of the appearance of this story from this outlet is that anyone that deals in Mormon conspiracy mongering is in fact aiding and abetting our enemy.  You can support Barack Obama with every ounce of your being and use all the energy at your disposal towards that end, but if you use this tool – the tool of a Mormon conspiracy – you are aiding the nation of Iran in its disinformation campaign.  A nation which has as its official policy the destruction of Israel and the United States.

This latter consequence is something Vanity Fair (that major outlet we mentioned) should have thought about before they published today a piece entitled “When Mormons Go To Washington.”  This bit of “journalism” uses coincidence and innuendo to make what I thought was the long dead case that Romney would be somehow programmed by Salt Lake City.  Consider this example:

And in May 2006, with Romney eyeing a bid for the presidency, U.S. News & World Report enthused that the candidate “plans to copy, almost exactly, JFK’s winning approach. Romney says he’ll give a similar address, in which he will pledge allegiance to the Constitution, not the Mormon Church.” However, the conservative weekly had to wait 19 months before it could proclaim that “his long-awaited religion speech impresses even the critics.”

In fact, U.S. News & World Report had conducted an interview with a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, which seemed to prod Romney into making the long-promised speech. Its reporter asked M. Russell Ballard, “Has Mitt Romney sought any suggestions from you, or have you advised him in any way to talk about the church? Have you urged him to give the Kennedy speech’ and talk more directly about his faith?” Apostle Ballard’s reply: “No and no. There’s a real brick wall between the campaign and the church. He’s going to have to make that decision about the Kennedy speech’ all by himself.”

Perhaps it was merely happy coincidence that the speech, “Faith in America,” followed just three weeks later, in Texas.

That is so laughable in its fallacious innuendo that it almost makes me want to cry.  I don’t know what’s worse, calling “US News and World Report” a “conservative” weekly or declaring a coincidence in such sarcastic terms to imply there is no coincidence.  The thing roams the history of Republican Mormons in federal government all the way back to Reed Smoot, but conveniently forgets to mention Harry Reid.

This article is so bad that I do not think it will convince anyone of anything except those that already believe what it contends.  I take that as a good sign.  The pro-Obama forces are feeling so defeated that they are retreating entirely inside their fantasy bubbles, licking each other’s wounds.  What is truly sad is the wounds are self-inflicted.  What is truly evil is that retreating inside this particular portion of that fantasy bubble aids our enemies.

Nowhere is this retreat more evident, though in a much more benign form, than in the charges of racism in religious guise that are beginning to emerge with greater force than we have previously seen them.  I think it started with reports of a very racists tee-shirt at a Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio.  I am reasonably confident that had campaign officialdom seen the tee shirt, the man would have been asked to remove it and perhaps leave the rally.  These rallies have had 1000?s in attendance of late and not every tee shirt is going to be seen by someone with sufficient authority to act.  That has certainly been the theory that most of us on the right have operated under when we have suffered equally offensive barbs from the isolated few on the left.  But I guess when you are desperate, you push the story and the meme.

That “Religion Dispatches” has managed to push itself into the mid-majors of publication this cycle is admirable.  That it is a left-leaning publication is no secret, and accounts in part for its rapid rise. I find it far less admirable that the resident Mormon there used the occasion of discussing a book about perceptions of Jesus’ race to make it appear the CJCLDS is less than genuine in its turn from its own disreputable racial history – a history that all churches in America share to some extent.

The source of much of this stuff is the LBGT community.  They seem to forget that the Civil War ended more than 100 years ago and that the nation has bigger issues that the size of the Romney’s garage at home.  (But then this community thinks there is no bigger issue in history than who they want to have sex with.)  In fact, they are so ticked off, it’s not just “Mormons lie,” it’s all religions lie.  (I am sorry, I have to laugh at this last one – poor Joel Belz.)

But back to where we started – as silly as this stuff can get, it has become deadly serious.  Our enemies are using it against us. If you are on the left, you might want to consider that the next time you are tempted to take the Mormon shot.


Reprinted with permission from Article Six Blog