Available for Download/ On CD: “The Lawn Darts- Still Hitting the Mark

Fans of soulful rock artists such as John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty will find much to enjoy with The Lawn Darts latest album, “Still Hitting the Mark,” which offers talent and variety in equal measure. Perhaps most importantly, the lyrics from this rock band out of Southern Utah offer genuine depth and inspiration. Songs such as “Into the Light,” “The Prayers I Say,” and “Stand on Higher Ground” inspire integrity and virtue, “Protect and Serve” honors the good people in law enforcement, and “This is the One” tenderly reflects on the type of love that lasts forever.

Compared to the cynical and often hedonistic messages of some other rock bands, The Lawn Darts are positively refreshing. Of course, if the music wasn’t any good, all these good intentions wouldn’t amount to much. Fortunately, “Still Hitting the Mark” is an impressive album, with strong vocals, precise percussion, and impressive work from renowned guitarist Lyle Crowley. Some songs have a fast tempo and a strong sense of fun, while others like “All Good Songs” (my personal favorite) display a lovely restraint, allowing gentle singing and the dulcet strumming of an acoustic guitar to touch the soul. The Lawn Darts have opened for Styx, Kansas, and The Beach Boys.”Still Hitting the Mark” is available for purchase from the band’s Facebook store, from iTunes, Amazon, and other music retailers..


On DVD: VeggieTales-The Penniless Princess

This latest offering has all of the wit and spiritual insights that families have come to expect from the VeggieTales brand, whose creative team has a talent for adapting classic stories, inserting catchy music and loads of humor without losing the stories’ emotional core. This take on Frances Hodgeson Burnett’s A Little Princess is no exception. Clearly teaching that all have infinite worth as God’s children, this tale of a wealthy-girl-turned-orphan is as rich with meaning as it is with charm. The vocal talents are, as always, top notch, while the special features, including a new “silly song,” a making-of documentary, and discussion guide are interesting and edifying. I’ve always appreciated the emphasis these films place on biblical messages. While this particular title may not appeal to boys as much as next month’s superhero themed The League of Incredible Vegetables will, The Penniless Princess is a treat for little girls, their parents, and boys who appreciate good storytelling.

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