1 - bottlenose-dolphinsHuman developed sonar has been unable to “see” through the bubble storms that dolphins easily use with their sonar ability to herd and catch their prey. By adding advanced non-linear mathematics to man-made sonar systems, UK scientists have, by studying the dolphins’ techniques, been able to simulate the ability that these marine mammals possess. To see such advanced quantifiable capabilities in the animal kingdom certainly is another witness that “all things denote there is a God.” (Alma 30:44)

In the August 25, 2012 issue of Science News, research scientists reported on recent advances made in man-made sonar systems by studying echo locating abilities that dolphins use in environments that were impossible for current sonar. (Source: Meghan Rosen, “Test decodes dolphins’ math skills: Nonlinear mathematics may be behind the mammals’ ability to see through bubbles” Science News, August 25, 2012; Vol 182 #4 (p. 12).

“Dolphins often send out a spray of bubbles to herd their lunch (in this case, sardines). Unlike man-made sonar, dolphins can see through the frothy clouds using echolocation. … By adjusting the volume of sonar clicks, then processing the incoming echoes, dolphins might have solved a problem that still stymies man-made sonar: how to peer through frothy water. Using clicks that mimic an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, scientists devised a system that weeds out sound clutter from underwater bubbles.”

“Normally, using sonar to locate targets in bubbly water is a bit like driving a car at night in thick fog, says [Timothy] Leighton, of the University of Southampton in England. Switching on the headlights doesn’t improve the driver’s vision; fog droplets just scatter the light. … But scientists have observed dolphins blowing bubble nets – dense clouds of tiny bubbles – while hunting schools of fish.

2 - dolphin-bubbles“It seemed strange,” says Leighton. “Either dolphins are blinding their best sensory apparatus, or they’re doing something we can’t.” Compared to the best sonar technology, a dolphin’s hardware is less powerful. But dolphins still outperform their man-made counterparts. … The researchers used [advanced] nonlinear mathematics to process the dolphins’ sonar returns. ‘I don’t think dolphins are sitting there playing with numbers in their heads,’ he says, ‘but their brains might be using mathematics to decipher bubble-scattered sonar signals.’ ”

This article describes a highly complex biological information processing system that is equivalent to a complicated intelligently designed man-made system. Those who believe this capability was created physical mutation by physical mutation via evolution, in my opinion, attribute results way beyond the design of the current evolutionary model. The model is missing any spiritual or intelligent components, which are specifically mentioned in the scriptures describing the creation of life. (Moses 3:7; James 2:26; D&C 88:13) I believe that like the order we observe in the celestial orbs, “any man who hath seen any or the least of these hath seen God moving in his majesty and power.” (D&C 88:47)