missionary moment

Dear President,


I want to share with you the miracle of Susan. As we would go by and teach her and her family we noticed that her kitchen shelves were bare and that they had practically no food.  It was probably some of the worst living conditions I saw on my mission. One day Susan called us up crying and very worried. She told us she felt horrible asking us for help, but after realizing that she had no other options she gave us a call. Her husband had recently been deported and she had no one else to turn to for help in feeding her children. She had no money and she needed some pampers and some food for her small children. After her call my companion Elder Simmons and I didn’t know what to do so we knelt down and began to pray. Shortly after we finished praying the first person that came to our mind was Brother Johnson. He is an amazing man and figuring that he had a daughter around the same age he was probably used to buying those things. He answered and we began to tell him the situation and what it was that Susan needed. He told us he would help. About 30 seconds later he called back asking us if Susan needed anything else. We told him of her living conditions. We were hesitant to ask for much because he has such a big heart. After a few moments he said he would bring what she needed and that he would be over in about an hour.


When we called Susan and told her of the great news she was so excited! We had Brother Johnson meet us before driving over there and when he pulled up we noticed in his truck boxes and boxes of food. I was shocked! There was milk, eggs, cheese, cereal, bread; there was EVERYTHING! There was also a HUGE box of Pampers in the back of his truck. We dropped everything off at Susan’s house and she was so thankful as tears of joy filled her eyes. It was such an incredible moment.


 After we had unloaded the truck he told us, “Elders, I want to tell you a miracle.” He began to tell us of how he was on his way home from work and noticed he was low on gas. As he was pumping gas he saw a flash of something green on the ground. Not thinking of what it was he bent over to pick it up and soon realized it was a hundred dollar bill lying right there in the middle of the parking lot! He decided to stand there close and look to see if anyone was looking for it. After a while of standing and waiting, he finally thought to himself: “Why did I find this money? What should I do with it?” At the very moment he thought this, he felt a vibration coming from his pocket. It was us missionaries calling to ask for help! He told us as soon as we asked for his help he felt a strong impression that the money he found was not to be used for his family but it had been placed there just for Susan and her family. He felt directed in the very moment to use it to bless Susan and her children. He told us, “I had to use every cent of that money on her, it was not my money to spend for myself.” Susan and her children were baptized shortly after with Brother Johnson baptizing one of the children.




Elder Jordan Rex