Welcome to Praiseworthy Media, Meridian’s weekly dish on the very best in movies, music, books, and more. Make sure to visit my website, Mormon Movie Guy, for my review on the Batman finale The Dark Knight Rises from a Latter-day Saint perspective. For now, however, it is my pleasure to present you with some truly fantastic music.

They come from Tennessee, sons of a Diamond Rio musician, but their style is more inspired by smooth vocalists like John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble, and Jack Johnson than by country twang. Truman, a two-man band carrying the family name, offers a rich and diverse contemporary sound that will delight just about everyone: kids, teens, young adults, parents, and grandparents will all likely be charmed by these exceptionally talented brothers. With soulful vocals that caress the ear and lyrics that won’t make anyone blush, my wife and I became instant fans when we were fortunate enough to attend a private show. I bought both CD’s (2009’s Hold Onto Love and 2012’s Somewhere Between) and they were about all we listened to for a couple of months.

Unlike many modern musicians, who disappoint with drug habits, brazen ego, and womanizing reputations, the Truman brothers are clean-cut Latter-Day Saints. Though their music isn’t overtly religious (save for the hauntingly courageous track “I Won’t Let the Devil Bring Me Down”), their music and attitudes reflect their values. I had the pleasure of visiting with them for a while after the show; it’s apparent that they were raised well, because there was no trace of vanity and no sense of entitlement. They struck me as humble, hard-working, fun-loving, and gracious. Though young adults are already embracing Truman in droves, you parents can rest easy if your adolescents and children take a shining to them also. Just don’t be surprised if you end up as big of a fan as they are.

Both of Truman’s albums are available for purchase on iTunes (Amazon only carries Somewhere Between). You can sample their music for free , or see the video below. If you only download one song, in my opinion, make it “Will He Dance? (2012 version).”

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