I can’t believe we forgot. It was Stake Conference on Sunday and we plumb forgot. We even started getting ready for our usual 1pm ward at 11am. Finally, we were on top of things. We had a routine in place! We found matching socks and everything! All combed and coiffed, pressed and polished, we moseyed up to our building ON TIME for once…only to be greeted by a vacant parking lot and locked doors.

“Thaaaaat’s right,” we sighed. Stake Conference. We checked our watches. We totally missed it. We totally MISSED it! How’d we both forget that one?

So that you don’t conclude I’m a total slacker, incapable of checking a calendar– it’s a new ward. We still don’t have callings. In fact, we’ve become oddly accustomed to not having to prepare a lesson or color in visual aides on Saturday night, so we never felt that familiar, “Whew, I don’t have to prepare a thing for Sunday, it’s Stake Conference! Yeah!” feeling. Plus, we attended a wedding reception on Saturday night so we missed the Saturday night adult session….What can I say, it was off my radar. We missed church. We totally missed church.

We find a church on our vacations. We stay for the whole three hour enchilada when we visit other wards. With an infant wailing and toddlers fussing, we stick it out, even if it’s just in the foyer, and stay from “Amen” to “Amen” because we so desperately want to set an example for our children.

And there we were: all dressed up with no where to go.

Our kids were in shock. Our oldest was horrified. How could we have been so remiss? Our negligence was too grievous to be borne! Luckily for us, I married a man who knows how to solve problems and how to make the best out of situations. He told the children to come home, stay dressed up, and we could have our very own Sunday School.

Each child got to choose a picture from the Gospel Art Kit and give a three minute lesson. Our daughter shared a scripture and expounded on what it meant to her. We played “Name that Tune” with the Primary songs and my darling husband said he would be “The Singing Lady” for the day (I still miss being the Singing Lady–such a great calling!) and did a wonderful job engaging the children in the music. We watched a few Mormon Messages. We did a Sharing Time involving a blindfold and “the still small voice.” Then we split into “classes.” My husband took the boys and I took the girls for a 15 minute lesson. 

I’m not sure what the boys talked about (although I’m pretty sure Jabari Parker came up) but I enjoyed invaluable one-on-one time with my eight year old daughter (her sister is one and took a nap during the entire time.) We chatted about her life and her questions. She wanted to know what to do when you’re in the second grade and a boy likes you–since there is no dating until your 16. Good question. She wanted to know about my life when I was young and how did I know that Dad was the one. (It’s always fun to gush about my husband. I hope she marries someone just like him.) 

Anyways, would we have had that wonderful discussion had I actually remembered what Sunday it was? Maybe. Maybe not. The point is, I was reminded that no matter how wonderful church can be for our family (and it is wonderful) I still need to be my children’s primary teacher, their Singing Lady, and when the time comes, their Youth leader, everyday right here at home whether it’s my official calling or not.

Because that really is my official calling, isn’t it?. And I don’t want to miss it.