We just celebrated Mother’s Day. For many Latter-day Saint women, it is a day of being celebrated in idealistic sacrament meeting talks, receiving gratitude in the form of a flower, breakfast in bed, or light lunch snacks at church. It is a time when husbands and children often go the extra mile to tell that most special woman in our lives how much we appreciate her. It is also a time when we celebrate the stereotypical stay-at-home mom ideal and, unwittingly, leave out the single moms, the working moms who may (or may not) be forced into the workforce by economic circumstances, or the women who (for whatever reason) have not been blessed with children of their own but bless the lives of many nieces and nephews and children of their friends.

Because I work and associate with many mid-singles, I am acutely aware that many feel like second class citizens because they lack a husband and a more traditional looking family. To all of these unsung heroes, I want to say from my heart, I see you. I celebrate the goodness of your life and your strength and resilience under often inhuman stresses and pressures. I assure you that our Father in Heaven sees you too—and how many of you have maintained hope for joy and peace, even in the whirlwind.

We believe holidays can last all month. This month, and especially this week, we encourage each of our readers to reach out to their single mom friends to offer appreciation and support in what can be a pretty thankless and heavy stewardship they carry. If you are dating a single mom, candlelit dinners are always appreciated. But once in awhile wear an old t-shirt and jeans and help her with some yard work or mop her floors. When you are at an appropriate point in a relationship, take her kids to McDonalds and let her have an evening to herself.

Dating in our middle years doesn’t always need to look like it did in our 20s. Sometimes it might involve dropping by with some takeout after her kids are in bed or spending a Saturday trimming bushes, cutting her lawn, or helping to fold laundry. If you get married, your life together will involve a lot of mundane tasks. Can you serve this person even after you are married? Can you enjoy being together even if you are just cleaning the garage or painting the bathroom?

Whether you are a single mom, a married mom, a stepmom, an adoptive mom, or a favorite aunt (actual or honorary), the best thing we can give the children in our lives is the gift of supportive thinking. When we offer the stories and perceptions that serve us best, it is easier for us to offer our children, who look to us for guidance and counsel, thoughts and perceptions that serve them well. Offering supportive thinking will give them the gift of joy in their journeys.

Moms provide a lot of nurturing and caretaking for their children, their families and their households. Moms, please remember to nurture and care for yourself too. Everyone will benefit, including you! We love and appreciate you. Mothers – thanks for all you do and the sacrifices you make to prepare the next generation for happiness and success.

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