During this time in our lives when our world as we know it seems to be collapsing before our eyes, we’re all looking for comfort. Make no mistake; there IS comfort to be found. There is a holy team in the heavens that pushes for our good. It includes our Father, Christ, the Holy Ghost and Angels. Today I want to focus on the angels that God dispatches to bring His solace and support to His children.

Angels Are Near Us

On an especially difficult day years ago, I was feeling despondent and anxious about something that had happened. Slowly into my consciousness, I began to “HEAR” a line from a well-known hymn.  The music and lyrics looped over and over in my mind with the words:

            “O know ye not that angels are near you?” [1]

It really spoke truth to my soul and was the first time that I realized that angels had anything to do with me.  I’ve come to realize how integral they are in ALL of our lives, at times bringing powerful messages of love and comfort from God.  I’d like to relay a few of your stories that have touched my heart…

Walking with an Angel

Vicki Hinton had an amazing angelic experience when she was only 15 or 16 years old.  She had just spent Christmas holiday with her family in the States and was returning to Austria to continue her schooling.  Her flight was arriving very late that night in a small airport in Germany, and she wouldn’t be able to connect her flight to Austria until the following day.  It was nearly midnight and she was told that the airport was shutting down soon.  Oh no! She hadn’t expected that! What should she do?  She asked an airline employee if there was someplace that she could spend the night.  The lady gave her directions to the nearest bed and breakfast that was supposed to be close by, and Vicki started walking.

Vicki writes:

“She assured me that I didn’t need a taxi as the place was within walking distance, but to my absolute dismay, the “road” she told me to walk along was a highway, with no sidewalks or lights. I didn’t see any buildings, or homes, or anything. I wondered if I had gotten my directions wrong, but the airport was closed now and there was no one to ask.

“It was raining and very dark and I could hardly see one step in front of me. I worried that I might come across a transient. I started to feel terribly upset, alone and SO vulnerable…

“And then I felt it! I felt the presence of an unseen being walking with me. Even after I noticed it, it still took me a minute to calm down. And then we walked together quietly.  I was filled with peace, and I did not feel afraid anymore. Eventually, I saw my destination. After I arrived, and the       door was opened to me, the presence that I had felt left.

“When I entered my room and sat upon my bed, I pondered a little of what had just happened.  I wondered if the angel was still with me, maybe always was with me?  I did not know.  What I did know was that in a time of great anxiety and fear, I was given the awareness and comfort of an angel with me.  I am forever grateful that in my moment of need, I was given exactly the kind of help that I needed.”[2]

Vicki felt she was given the gift of knowing that someone was walking with her. Angels may have been with her many times before, but on this occasion, she KNEW she was walking in the presence of God’s loving minister.

Elder F. Enzio Busche explained

“…there are powers surrounding us, trying to help us… We do not     understand what is happening – that someone from the other side who loves us dearly is watching over us, trying to bring us to a state of awakening and wanting to help us.” [3]

Vicki “awakened” to someone helping her that night, although she didn’t know who it was. Sometimes, we are blessed to know who the angel is that blesses us, as in the following three stories.

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

Kristen Openshaw had a time in her life where she felt alone and desperately needed comfort during the cancer operation of her young daughter.  She writes:

“During my 11-year-old daughter’s cancer surgery, I was overcome with fear. While waiting for a doctor to come to the waiting room to tell us the results, I felt a soft hand on my cheek, gently cupping and patting my        face.

“When I was a teenager, my mother had been sick with breast cancer, and had died, but I remember how she always patted and comforted us. I knew that she was there with me in the hospital room, waiting with me.”[4]

Kristen felt God’s love brought directly to her by the touch of her mother.

Powerful Sustenance

My husband’s great great grandfather Elder Parley P. Pratt had a similar experience to Kristen’s.  During a period of terrible distress and suffering, he felt supported by a loved one from the other side.

Parley had been held captive for months in a Missouri dungeon, and was downcast and dejected.  He had been fasting and praying for several days to receive hope and solutions when he received a beautiful and very welcome answer to his prayer.  He writes,

A personage…stood before me with a smile of compassion in every look, and pity mingled with the tenderest love and sympathy in every expression of the countenance…. A well-known voice saluted me, which I   readily recognized as that of the wife of my youth, who had for nearly two years been sweetly sleeping where the weary are at rest.” [5]

Parley’s wife came back from the spirit world to give him the powerful sustenance that he needed to make it through.  Sometimes all we need during hard times is to receive reassurance from someone who understands our plight.

Appearance in the Temple

A dear friend of mine, I’ll call Janice, had a very sweet experience of angelic comfort during an extremely upsetting and disappointing time in her life.  She lived quite a distance from all her seven siblings (one deceased), and she decided to plan a family reunion where everyone and their families would come to where she lived and participate in the historical sites and amusements available in her area.  As she was planning it, everyone agreed to come. 

Janice spent a lot of time making arrangements and was excited to see everyone.  As the time for reunion approached, however, one by one, each of her siblings had something come up and were not able to come!  Janice was so disappointed and was crestfallen because she had put her heart and energy into this project, and in the end…nothing.  She decided to go to the temple for comfort. 

During the session, she suddenly became aware that her deceased brother stood beside her.  No words were spoken, but in a moment of awareness, Janice realized that he was there because of the reunion.  No one else was able to come, but HE came.  This brought her great consolation. [6]

Vicki, Kristen, Parley, and Janice all learned what God wants ALL of us to learn; that we are loved.  Sending angels is one way for Him to accomplish that objective.

Because of Who We Are

Jeffrey R. Holland explained that,

“Occasionally the angelic purpose is to warn.  But most often it is to comfort, to provide some form of merciful attention, guidance in difficult times.”[7]

Yes, our times are difficult, but as Children of the Most High God we are entitled to a member of the Godhead or one of His angels to help us through, because we are HIS.  As we turn to the Lord seeking spiritual altitudes during these trying circumstances, angels are frequently dispatched to bring comfort and support. Yes Angels ARE near us…

If you have angel experiences that you would like to share, I’d LOVE to hear them. You Can CONTACT me at an********@ho*****.com

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