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The English writer, John Donne, wrote in his 17th Meditation that, “No man is an island, entire to himself..”  Few wish the life of a hermit, instead seeking to align themselves with like-minded people.

Consider the following things to compare organizations with which you might wish to affiliate:

Hypothetically, just suppose:

1.  Your spouse is ill. Do you know someone you could call and perhaps five, six or ten other people in your neighborhood who would drop what they’re doing, take over the household, bring in meals and help you while they help your spouse recuperate?

2.  You are out of work. Do you know someone and two or three or more backups who could help you find work and pay your needful bills, stock your fridge and, in general, help you back to sanity?

3.  You want to repay all this kindness but they don’t want your money. But they have, nearby, a farm or food factory or some other place where you could regularly go and contribute your time to helping stock their local food bank for the benefit of others.

4.  Suddenly the weather turns rainy–floods are imminent. Do you know of an organization which could turn out hundreds of thousands of local volunteers within two hours of the advisory, to sand bag necessary banks to prevent flooding? Could that same organization contact all it’s members throughout the world in a week’s time and have a substantial number of them show up a week or so later in follow-up service to help the community?

5.  A natural disaster strikes. Do you know of a private organization that, within 24 hours, could have dozens of huge cargo planes loaded with food, clothing, supplies, and medical assistance on their way to anywhere in the world? And the next day have volunteers ready to hand out goods and provide clean-up and rehabilitation services?

6.  Truth is important to you. You think there are some universal truths that don’t change with who is in office, the style of the day, or changing norms. Do you know of any organization that holds certain truths as inviolate, unchanging, and constant?

7.  You notice health has something to do with lifestyle and habits. Do you know of an organization that has a health code they announced hundreds of years ago to the derision of public sentiment and scientific lore of the day and yet it’s member today are the healthiest group anywhere?

8.  Family is important to you. Do you know of an organization in your neighborhood that helps you raise your children, provides a teaching center for weekly values training, and has social functions to let your children meet other children with your values. Do you know of an organization that provides cultural, social & athletic opportunities for all young people–and adults? And does that same organization have a branch in nearly every US city and country in the world?

9.  You want to extend yourself and donate money to help feed the poor, manage welfare properly on a private level, help the less fortunate. Do you know an organization that only spends your money on sure efforts–nothing frivolous. And 100% of the money goes to help the poor–zero to administrations, fund raising, salaries etc?

10. You want to help the disabled. Do you know of a world wide organization that’s also in your neighborhood that employs the disabled to recycle your junk, refurbish it, and resell it to the poor for a fraction of retail thus not only helping some handicapped people with a meaningful job but helps the less fortunate afford good things?

11.  You are interested in fiscal stability and prudent financial management. Name an organization that does all that is listed above, yet has enough money regularly donated by its members without fund raising efforts. Contributions are so consistent that all efforts and projects are paid for in cash. An organization that owns buildings to house its more than 30,000 groups worldwide yet has no debt. And today, as in decades past builds new centers to accommodate new members activities to the tune of at least one building every day. Again, no debt, cash only for million dollar structures, daily. And people voluntarily lead those groups without payment — no paid superstructure?

12.  You look around and see people, and perhaps yourself, focusing their lives on material possessions. Everything is based on “me” and what “me” can get. Something is missing. Often times a secret something whispers “You’re a stranger here.” Do you know of an organization that can give you definite answers of universal truth to tell you what you were before birth, what is your purpose on this earth and what will happen to you when you die.

That has a true answer that helps you know for yourself why there is suffering in life, why disasters occur, how everything in life leads to a greater purpose not only in life hereafter, but in life here and now. And the organization promotes & teaches its members to love one another, serve one another, to be benevolent to all, to be honest, hard working, chaste and virtuous people, to live well and healthy, to be charitable, to hold life as sacred and consider all men & women to be their brothers and sisters. To work within themselves to create people of peace.

Now suppose you found one organization that does all twelve things listed, would you want to affiliate with people in that organization?

Would you want to understand why the people who belong to that organization are so much happier than anyone else you know who isn’t crazy.

Would you want to know that the things I’ve listed are but the tip of the iceberg in what this organization offers to its members?

Would you like to know more about that organization? If not, which of the twelve things listed do not matter to you, and can you find another organization that does all which matters to you?

Why not at least explore the rules, regulations and understandings of that organization?

I have. Thoroughly.

The organization encompassing the above twelve items is the fastest growing organization in the world.

It has the largest women’s group, dedicated to worldwide relief and education of women. It has the largest children’s group, teaching them the skills essential to a happy life.

It has the largest and most dynamic organization for young people, giving teenagers a chance to learn eternal truths, practice daily proper living and provide enormous outlets for drama, sport, and service.

It has the largest men’s unpaid volunteer group.

Each new member finds answers to eternal questions, while finding ways to make this life more precious to themselves and their neighbors throughout the world.

It is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.