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The Church has redesigned the language pages on to mirror the Gospel Library app.

The same content you see in the Gospel Library app—scriptures, lesson manuals, general conference talks, Church magazines, and other resources—are now available in 115 languages.

The amount of translated content available depends on the number of members who speak a particular language. “If a resource has been translated and approved for digital distribution, it will show up on the page for that language,” said Robert Stephenson, product manager for language pages.

The new format is easier to use than the old pages, which basically were lists of PDF files (sometimes outdated ones). Now you navigate the redesigned site just like you do on the Gospel Library app. For example, instead of having to scroll page by page through PDF files, you can go directly to the section or chapter you’re looking for, said Stephenson. The Church can also embed video and audio in the text, which it couldn’t do with PDFs. In the future, you also will be able to highlight and annotate text, which can improve your gospel study experience online.

Additionally, the new language websites offer some editorial space, similar to the home page experience, which allows the Church to highlight new content as it becomes available in a given language.

To read more about the new language pages on, click here