Dear Brother Albright,


I am from Ghana.  I recently immigrated to America.   I fell down at work and broke my left ankle.  The doctor told me that I would have to use crutches for about 3 months.  I was so sad.  There was no hope.  I did not know what to do.  There was no one to call.  I could not work. It was hard for me to do such simple things as cook, shower, or shop.   Even sleeping at night was hard because of the pain.  There was no help for me anywhere. I had no friends and did not know the neighbors in my apartment complex.   I grew depressed.    I often cried and prayed for help to overcome my feelings of despair.

One day it came into my mind that God is my helper and He is my Salvation.  I had an impression that I needed to find the right church.  I prayed for help on how to find God’s true religion.  Seconds later, I heard a knock at my door.  I was surprised.  I peeked out the window to see who it was.  I saw two young men in white shirts and ties waving back at me with big smiles!

At that moment, a voice told me to let them inside and listen to their message. I quickly opened the door.  The two young men introduced themselves; one was called Elder Grundvig from Utah and the other was Elder Choi from Korea.  I told them that I am Emmanuel Agyemang from Ghana.  I asked them why they had come to visit me.  They told me that they are missionaries with a message from God, so I invited them to come inside and sit down.  We started to talk about the blessings we can receive from God if we are obedient to his commandments and follow his prophets.  We can have peace, joy and eternal life.  These two elders kept coming to my house and together we studied the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  They told me about the visit of Jesus Christ to Joseph Smith to reorganize his true church once more on the earth. 

They gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon to read.  They explained to me the law of chastity, tithing and fasting offerings and about prophets and apostles. The elders encouraged me to pray with a sincere heart and ask God if their message was true.  I kept reading the Book of Mormon and I can now testify that the Church is true.  I attended a baptism one Saturday and the spirit bore witness to me that this was the true church and I needed to be baptized for a remission of my sins.

This church is not like the many other churches I have attended over the years.  A few weeks after meeting the missionaries, I was baptized and confirmed as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God who restored the church.  There are many blessings I have received since becoming a member of the Latter-day Saints.  I will keep telling my family and friends about this true gospel. 


Yours sincerely,

Emmanuel  Agyemang


Elder Aaron Grundvig is now home from his mission and still smiling.