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From a single man climbing a ladder and holding a microphone in the air, to a team of digital production and sound engineers and cameramen backed by radio and television broadcast teams, the means by which the hundreds of voices of the Tabernacle Choir are captured and sent out across the media airwaves around the world each week have changed drastically in the 90 years since the choir’s first live radio broadcast of “Music and the Spoken Word.”

What hasn’t changed in all that time is the message and purpose behind the broadcast.

“The technology (is different) and the audience is much broader and wider now” said Lloyd Newell, the announcer for the weekly program. “But the broadcast is essentially the same. … It’s beautiful music with an inspirational message. And the music and the messages are timeless.

“The music is the star of the program and that’s what it’s about … but the message is meant to be a nondenominational, inspirational message that can reach anybody, anywhere, of any background of any faith or no faith. Regardless of the place and time, our mission is to spread goodwill, to lift spirits,” Newell said.

On Sunday morning, July 14, “Music and the Spoken Word” celebrated its 90th anniversary and continued its legacy as the longest running continuously broadcast network program in the United States.

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