Josh Sales of Christian Covers collaborated with our 13-year-old grandson, Brody Tomsick to create this music video of the song “Gratitude”. If you want your heart lifted, watch this.

His mother, Rachel Tomsick, wrote this about the words of the song:

All my words fall short
I got nothing new
How could I express
All my gratitude?

Life is full of ups and downs, but in our blessings AND our trials, the surest way to peace is living in recognition and gratitude for all that we’ve been given. It’s a matter of perspective. I love the line in this song: “every song must end, and you never do.” This we can be sure: we are always always remembered, numbered, and held by a loving Father in Heaven. 

When we heard this song from Brandon Lake on The Chosen Christmas special, it was an instant favorite. So grateful for the opportunity Brody had to record this cover with Josh. 

Josh added this: Lately my prayers have been very bland and boring. This song has helped me take a step back and analyze that! Sometimes I say “I’m grateful for my family, for my job, and just for everything that you have given to me.” While those are good things to say, there is SO much more I can say. Like “Thank you for giving me trials, because I know that’s how I grow.” or “Thank you for watching over me and protecting me today.” “Thank you for loving us even though we aren’t perfect and make mistakes” etc. In this world of negativity, hurry, and envy, we really never pause to reflect on the beautiful sunsets, on the green grass or flowing rivers. God has blessed us all so much in many unique ways.

Gratitude by Brandon Lake/ COVER by Brody Tomsick (Christian Covers Official Video)