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May 25, 2022

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  • How to be a Virtual Missionary

    They met online. But not through a dating or a relationship app.  It wasn’t even an online sales call or an Influencer  event. She’s a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints originally assigned to the Czech Republic Mission but reassigned to the Nevada Las Vegas mission during the COVID pandemic.

    Since she was new to the area, she joined the Las Vegas Women’s Group on Facebook and started to meet others who were also new to the area. She asked questions. She got to know other people. She didn’t hide her calling as a missionary but she didn’t emphasize it, either. She just wanted to meet other women by getting acquainted and socializing online.

    She made several new friends and exchanged stories from time to time about her day and listened to and commented about others’ weekly experiences as well. One of these new friends eventually asked …

  • Writing a personal history, journal ideas and why it’s important

    To read more from Rachel, visit Evalogue.Life.

    Journaling. Journal ideas. Personal histories. Bullet journaling. Personal stories. Photo journaling. These are all avenues to tell your own personal story and create something for your posterity to love and enjoy. But as I truly think about it, writing and/or recording your own personal story is more than a classic heirloom to pass on to family (which is an important reason to do it anyway), but it is something more. It is a chance to look at your life and see that your life is one well-lived and to see that you have overcome triumphs, celebrated joys and survived heartaches. And not only is it therapeutic for you, it will be for countless generations after you are no longer here.

    journal ideas
    Need some journal ideas? Keep reading.

    As a teen I was an intense journaler. I loved letting my pen flow and all …

  • Motherhood, Sacrifice and Genealogy in Bestselling Fantasy 

    Charlie N. Holmberg is a bestselling fantasy author with multiple awards to her name and her books sold in over 20 languages. But more enchanting than any character she’s created is the author herself.

    “How are you?”

    “Pretty good, I was just writing another ‘bad review’ song and I decided to scream it a little bit so my voice is a little hoarse,” Charlie explained matter-of-factly.

    Generally, Charlie makes a point of not reading the negative reviews of her books. But since her publishers limit her to two books per year, she fills in time doing other things—like turning amusing bad reviews into songs.

    “If I can tell a review is going to be mean, I don’t finish it—but some people are really funny with their bad reviews, and those I can appreciate,” Charlie said. “Somebody said that my book made them want to smash china dolls against the wall, …

  • What the “Mother in Heaven” Gospel Topics Essay Teaches Us About Our Eternal Mother

    Cover image: “In Her Image” by Caitlin Connolly. Visit

    “We know nothing more about our Mother in Heaven than that she exists.”

    I have heard or read some iteration of this comment over and over again from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This lack of knowledge that many members have about our Heavenly Mother and lack of belief that there is anything more we can learn is one reason why she is so infrequently mentioned in our wards and congregations. If we do not know anything about Her, then what would there be to say? 

    Fear of speculation is another reason why our Heavenly Mother is often not spoken of by members of the Church. Church teaching manuals sometimes include counsel such as “Avoid Speculation. Although the Lord revealed a number of glorious truths… there are still many things that we …

  • How Can I Help My Children to Gain and Retain Their Own Testimonies?

    Editor’s Note:  New York Times #1 Bestselling Authors Richard and Linda Eyre join forces with their daughter Saydi (an “in the trenches” mother of four young children whose contributions to this article are in blue to produce this series on the why-tos and the how-tos of receiving the Direct-Stewardship inspiration, guidance, and revelation we need to create strong and righteous families in this difficult world.  This is article 7 in a multi-part weekly series which will run here in Meridian every Tuesday. (Click here to read article 1here to read article 2here to read article 3here to read article 4here to read article 5here to read article 6here to read article 7here to read article 8here to read article 9here to read article 10, and here to read article 11

  • Teaching Remotely in a Pandemic: What Ward and Branch Teachers Can Learn from the Missionaries

    Norman Hill is a former mission president and author of a ground-breaking new book called What They Don’t Teach You At the MTC which should be included in every Mission Prep class and on the bookshelf of every family with potential missionaries. You can read more about his unique insights and can get his book by CLICKING HERE.

    Cover image via Church Newsroom video.

    The kids were on the couch, but the parents were busy cleaning up the kitchen when the missionaries connected through Facetime video for the scheduled second discussion. While waiting, one of the missionaries began talking to the kids. Not just small talk, but heart-felt questions about school, friends, and homework. When the parents arrived, he didn’t just dive right into the lesson. The father grumbled about not seeing his boss in person for several weeks since he started working remotely and wondered aloud what that meant while the …

  • Practical tips for hosting a Zoom funeral

    To read more from Rhonda, visit Evalogue.Life.

    We recently laid my mother to rest after she passed peacefully in a care facility in the presence of family. My mother had her funeral planned in advance, but COVID threw many traditions out the window and we ended up hosting a Zoom funeral in a totally different way. This article shares some ideas if you find yourself in the sad situation of planning a virtual funeral, like so many during this difficult time. Funerals are so very important, and I hope this helps you to properly honor a life.

    Before getting into the details, I do want to say that we were blessed with the opportunity to be with my mother before she passed. We had the gift of taking shifts round-the-clock vigil while holding her hand, and all seven of her children were together with her at one point. …

  • Fasting and Spiritual Feasting

    © Prill

    After a hearty breakfast the first Sunday of November, my husband and I remembered it was fast Sunday. As I cleaned up the kitchen, I questioned myself:

    Did I forget on purpose because fasting is hard for me? Do I still resist fasting as rebellion to the myth? What myth? That fasting is going without food to prove to God how much I want something so He will be more likely to bring it about. Wasn’t that like saying that going hungry could somehow make it possible to talk God into doing what I want – to bring about what I think is best (when I don’t know anything at all about what is best)? There was nothing right about such an idea. How did I ever get such a skewed perception of such a marvelous principle in the first place?

    The Truth about Fasting

    The Bible Dictionary, …

  • Seeking Revelation for Your Family in Times of Crisis

    Editor’s Note:  This is final article in a thirteen-part weekly series which has run here in Meridian every Tuesday for the last three months. (Click here to read article 1here to read article 2here to read article 3here to read article 4here to read article 5here to read article 6here to read article 7here to read article 8here to read article 9here to read article 10, and here to read article 11., and here to read article 12.)

    Readers’ Forum:  Thank you all so much for being with us through this series on Family Revelation. To us, there is not a more important topic. Whether you have read all thirteen articles or only one or two, we would love to hear from you and to

  • BYU study: Want to maximize the health outcomes of fasting? Start your fast with exercise

    Even with a short Thanksgiving pause, many people are turning to fasting for weight loss and improved metabolic health, whether that be a regimen of time-restricted eating, periodic fasting or the “monk” fast. Now a new BYU study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise finds that exercising intensely at the start of a fast may help maximize health benefits of temporarily foregoing food.

    “We really wanted to see if we could change the metabolism during the fast through exercise, especially how quickly the body enters ketosis and makes ketones,” said BYU Ph.D. student Landon Deru, who helped design the study for his thesis.

    Ketosis occurs when the body runs out of glucose — its first, preferred fuel — and begins breaking down stored fat for energy, producing chemicals called ketones as a byproduct. In addition to being a healthy energy source for the brain and …


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