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This week’s Billboard Classical Crossover Chart featured seven Latter-day Saint musicians, representing nearly 50% of the chart. This demonstration of excellence illustrates not only their incredible talent but the desire for uplifting music across the world. “Crossover” music is a term describing artists or works that appeal to different types of audiences, often hitting charts for multiple genres at a time.

One of these notable crossover artists is Bishop Gérald Caussé, the Presiding Bishop of the Church, playing piano with Nicolas Giusti. Isn’t it amazing that one who devotes so much time to Church service also manages to have such applauded musical talent?

The following are the other Latter-day Saints who made it on the Classical Crossover Chart:

  1. Lindsey Stirling
  2. Piano Guys
  3. Jenny Oaks Baker & Family Four
  4. Paul Cardall
  5. Gérald Caussé
  6. Alicia Blickfeldt
  7. Nathan Pacheco

Watch (and listen to) some of the Billboard chart-topping music from these artists below: