In April 2022 General Conference, Elder Renlund taught that revealed knowledge of Heavenly Mother has been explained in the Gospel Topics essay “Mother In Heaven.” It’s exciting to see the might of that essay! 

(For a review on what that Essay teaches, see this article:

But, and this is the key– 

We were also taught in April General Conference by Sister Rebecca L. Craven–the Second Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency–to not just be hear-ers of the word, but do-ers also.

 Latter-day Saints are Do-ers. With a lay ministry, all of us pitch in to teach lessons, put away the tables in the cultural hall after an event, run the programs. I am a child of a twice-serving Bishop– with frequent labor conscriptions, as a nine-year old, I knew an inordinate amount more about ward building chair and hymn book arrangements.

I can laugh about this– but I also think it is a key doctrinal principle. Agency. Growth. Service. Progression. Life is about becoming like our Heavenly Parents. 

“Our theology begins with heavenly parents. Our highest aspiration is to become like them.”- Elder Oaks (in the Gospel Topics Essay)

But, here’s the catch. If we don’t apply truth, it’s simply not worth that much. Think of the simple principle of tithing. If we only read about it, well, it’s not doing us much good. We literally deny ourselves blessings when we don’t apply doctrine. 

We have learned of Heavenly Mother from the Gospel Topics Essay. Now we need to be do-ers. Below are four things we can DO to apply our doctrine on Heavenly Mother:

1- Express godly love.The Gospel Topics Essay says we are “beloved spirit children of Heavenly Parents.” This means we are loved by both Heavenly Father AND Heavenly Mother. So, a very natural application of this doctrine is to start saying this. When we want to talk about God loving us… we use “Heavenly Parents” or “Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother” love us. There’s no harm in a reminder that we are loved perfectly by BOTH parents– and, in fact, it can do a whole lot of good! 

2- Teach that Heavenly Mother is essential– just like earthly mothers. We continue to teach young women in lesson after lesson that earthly mothers are essential for their children’s spiritual well-being. Then let’s use the Gospel Topics Essay to illuminate the truth that Heavenly Mother is essential for Her children too. After all, the essay tells us that She is the Mother of our souls– we wouldn’t exist without Her!  (We think that clears up whether Heavenly Mother is essential.) 

3- Give women a vision of their divine destiny.The Gospel Topics Essay makes it clear that Heavenly Mother is our “eternal Prototype.” The women of the church need a vision for their divine destiny. Girls, Young Women, and Women need to know that their eternal progression leads to a designing, creating, loving, involved, influencing co-equal partner God!  (All doctrine from the Gospel Topics Essay!) If we teach that Heavenly Mother matters, we teach that women matter. Heavenly Mother provides women with a clear vision of their divine destiny. Once a woman learns about “the eternal Prototype,” her soul lights up!  

4- Model our Heavenly Parents.The Gospel Topics Essay teaches both men and women that our Heavenly Parents work side-by-side for the salvation of Their children. Our marriages and parenting should pattern this as well! Husbands and wives can learn to treat each other as equals by following the divine pattern of our Heavenly Parents. Our lives, our relationships, our lessons, our art, our discussions— everything can portray the divine pattern of Heavenly Parents working together. (Tip: this is true for men and women working together outside of marriage too!) 

Let’s celebrate Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day! Today, this week, this month, from here on out–  apply the doctrine of our Heavenly Mother… and bless all our lives.