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Image via LDSLiving.

A brand new baby is an amazing event, but it’s even more amazing when he or she is born inside an LDS temple. Check out these three unbelievable stories!

Salt Lake Temple

The Salt Lake Temple’s dedication transpired over multiple days during the month of April in 1893. On the temple’s second day of services, a truly unique experience occurred. Emma Bennett from Provo, Utah gave birth to a son in the temple at the close of the day’s many events. Sister Bennett, who had been attending the dedication session in the temple’s Assembly Room, suddenly began to have labor pains.

Elder James E. Talmage noted the event in his diary: “A Sister Bennett from Provo was taken with labor pains and gave easy birth to a son. She was removed from the Assembly Room to a small apartment [in the temple]. Some sects would hold that such an event desecrated the holy place; but the Latter-day Saints will take a directly opposite view.” The baby was born around 10:00 p.m.

Eight days later, on April 15, Emma and her husband Benjamin, who had been staying nearby, returned to the temple with their newborn son to receive a special blessing in the room he was born in. In the blessing, Joseph F. Smith named the baby boy Joseph Temple Bennett.

But the Salt Lake Temple isn’t the only temple where a new baby has entered the world.

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