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Family Home Evening

One hundred years ago, before family life seemed to kick into hyperdrive, leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints counseled families to dedicate one evening per week to family time in a program known as family home evening. Since that time, families have been encouraged to slow down and spend time together once a week, strengthening relationships, sharing common beliefs, and just having fun.

You can read one Episcopal priest’s perspective on family home evening in this Huffington Post article. You can also watch this brief video of one young family’s experience with family home evening.


1. Discuss your views on the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20:3–17. You could use the video entitled “Obedience to the Ten Commandments” to aid in your discussion.

2. Share your beliefs about basic Christian principles such as faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, prayer, and scripture study. Allow children to share what they believe as well. Read how Emma, age 11, taught her family about faith.

3. Discuss and establish standards for behavior for members of your family. The For the Strength of Youth booklet offers some great suggestions and guidelines not only for teenagers, but for family members of all ages. These include guidelines in areas such as media use, friendships, dating, and language.

4. Watch and talk about the Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos.

5. Read and discuss a favorite scripture story. For example, after reading in Luke 17 about the one leper in ten who returned to give thanks to Jesus Christ for being cleansed, discuss the importance of returning thanks to God for our blessings.


6. Hold a family council. Here you can discuss everyday details like the current week’s calendar of events or discuss long-term goals like planning a family vacation.

7. Learn and practice life skills together as a family. Cooking, scrubbing a toilet, folding laundry, and changing a tire are all skills that can be practiced during a family night. Watch as this family has found strength in cooking together often.

8. Talk about family finances. Here is a good resource to help your family understand sound principles about financial security.

9. Plant and care for a garden. As you do, your family will learn about hard work, patience, healthy eating habits, emergency preparedness, togetherness, and the joys of reaping what you sow.

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